Sample Essay

Basically there are four types of pornographies; these are the child pornography, soft pornography, hard pornography and hardcore pornography. A picture of naked men or women who are not displaying any intention of having sex are referred to as soft porn; such may be a photo of a model. Hard pornography refers to a film or photographs of people having sex, may them be of the same gender or opposite sex. Violent disrespectful sexual acts in movies photo or in written material is referred to as hardcore pornography.  Any sex material exploiting children is referred to as child material. It is of paramount essence to not different countries have different ages which differentiate between a child and an adult.

Internet pornography which is commonly referred to as cyberpornography causes great disturbances to people especially those who perceive the idea of exposing naked women, children and men is wrong. Cyberpornography is affecting the morals of youth children and affecting them negatively. The young tend to invest their time admiring naked men and women over the net instead of researching on sport activities or constructive issues. The minors develop some perception about their own bodies too. Though there are as many naked men and as women in the internet, there some occasions you find people having sex shows, this brings about psychological disturbances to other individuals who have a negatively personality to the publicizing of pornography.

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