Sample Essay

There are various types of libraries as classified traditionally. These include school libraries that are designed to support the learning curriculum in schools either public or private. These are meant to serve the students in a given school hence they store reading materials as per the learning curriculum (Sibai, 1988). Secondly, there are public libraries that serve the public at large for use in the library but they also issue borrowing cards to the interested people who would wish to borrow the books for use in their homes. They act as community association that offer a number of services at no cost to all people (Sherman, 1992).

Thirdly, there are research libraries that assist learners and other professionals that carry out intellectual research hence they are meant to sustain a lasting set of reading materials and they try to make available all the required materials for easy research. However, many research libraries can also be taken as academic libraries or even provided by special libraries as a branch of the library (Sibai, 1988).

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