Sample Essay

The above tasks require different types of files while preparing them and saving them. In the first case the creation or updating of a Microsoft outlook data file would take care of this task. In the second case the use of a Microsoft excel spreadsheet would take care of this. The third activity of the curriculum vitae would require the use of a word document. The fourth activity would also require a word document. Preparation of the weekly budget can be done using an excel file or SPSS. The journals can be done using Microsoft outlook or the access database. The last section of the analysis and comparison can be done using Microsoft excel or Lotus-123.

The kind of folder structure will depend on the environment as well as the user specific requirements. For instance if the computer is in a multi-user environment then the user may chose restrict access to some or all of the folders depending on the sensitivity of the information held within the files. In addition a user will chose a structure that will help them to locate information easily. This may include separating files either by urgency, type of information, topics as well as any other form that the user finds easier to use and remember.

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