Essay: My Trip to the Beach

Posted by on July 20, 2012

She frequently made faces to the young girl and I only assumed she did not enjoy the inquisitive nature of the girl. She seemed a fussy woman as the waiter hand to regularly make trips to their table to correct an order. On the other hand the man seemed more tolerant and fully engaged in what the girl had to say. My amusement of the woman’s actions was distracted by a beach boy who was trying to sell to me some goods. I quickly dismissed him with a polite and firm thank you and at it was at that moment a couple sits at the table directly opposite from me.

                I wouldn’t have noticed them were it not for the fact that they were oddly matched. The man looked twenty years older than the lady who was barely into her twenties. He was masculine and very tall while she was petite and looked very timid. She was dressed like a teenage in bright colors, a mix of blue yellow and green with plenty of jewelry and make up. The man was in khaki shorts and a white short sleeved shirt. He had long blond hair that he had in a ponytail.

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