Sample Essay

Terrorism and terror is one of the major Transnational crimes that have emerged to be of greatest threat to the global security. Terrorist groups are quite well organized from their training, group functioning and the execution of their mission target. However one of the complex issues about terrorism is the way they calculate their moves that raises concerns to global security stakeholders (Simon 2001). This is immediately after the US bombing on September 11th; the war on terror has taken drastically different shape and approach. However within security parameters there is no an accepted clear definition of terrorism.

In this respect, there exist various terror definitions which give a broad scope of its threat to the security situation in the world. The closely and most appropriate definition is the one that is given by the FBI. Which states that terrorism and acts of terror is unlawful use of force against persons or a nation that is aimed to intimidate the civilian population in order to political or social objectives. While US security department defines terrorism as the premeditated politically motivated violence perpetrated against non combatant targets by sub national groups aimed at influencing the audience (Kamala 2003, Philip 2000).

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