A number of training programs have been included in our proposal which include the following: (It is important for an employee to undergo 24 months training in all areas in order to become permanent in the organization but our training program is very stringent which helps employees to grow personally and become much more competitive than their equal in the market but our organization retains employees by giving them high salaries. All programs will be instructor led or led by a mentor.)

On the job training Scheme

In House Training Programs

Management Trainee Programs

Internship Programs

Foreign Training Programs

Foreign Scholarship Scheme

Extrinsic benefits of the training programs are as follows:

Rotated through important company job functions.

Provided opportunities to experience hands –on training at various field locations.

Opportunity to learn about the latest technology within the respective departments.

Integration into the business culture.

Equip trainees with practical skills in their profession.

Develops their soft skills through teamwork.

Intrinsic benefits of the training programs:

Highly competitive stipend.

Annual Leave.

Medical Facility for self.


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