Sample Essay

Trade often involves meeting the dynamics of supply and demand, and in higher education this will mean supplying courses that are in demand and reducing the delivery of courses that are not popular.  For instance, English language courses are very popular as foreign students want to get certification for their English language skills, hence the high demand for these skills.  However, English languages are not the only courses demanded by foreign students.  Wood and Ridao-Cano (1999) describes trade as having macro effects, which when they shift will result in changes in the specialization of certain types of education.

This can be considered to be true of the higher education sector in the UK, as there are well known shifts in programme availability, such as the closure of engineering departments due to the low uptake.  The closure of engineering departments is also mirrored in industry where the engineering sector itself is considered to be in decline.  However, this merely provides a summary of the effects of trade and globalization, as economic sectors are not spared and often have to operate in the same context as businesses.  The major concern is that the higher education sector is not flexible enough to cope with these changes, in much the same way as a private business would.  For instance, the closure of several departments at a university would result n the transfer of knowledge outside the UK as tutors and professors take up employment in other countries; and the remaining buildings would not represent efficient utilization of the resource.  If the situation got so severe, there would be a likelihood that entire institutions would cease to exist which would signal a blow to the rest of the sector and reputation.

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