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Tourism is very vital industry for South Korea due to revenues that are collected and also in promotion of products and services in the home country. It has helped South Korea to establish employment opportunities in the service industry that are associated with tourism including the cruise ships and accommodations in hotels and resorts. This also contributes to employment and increase of revenues in the entertainment venues (Busby, 7).Spending

Tourists spent over $2.9 billion on different things that included the sightseeing and foreign expenditure on business trips was about $2.3 which made the country number 31 on tourism revenues that very year.

Tourists’ origin

The Korean tourists come from Japan, China and Taiwan. Majority of the international visitors visits Seoul (Theobald, 23). The popular destinations other than Seoul include the Seorak-san national park and the historical Gyeongju as well as the semi-tropical Jeju Islands. It has been hard to travel to the north though there are some organized groups that have started taking tourists to Kumgang-san Mountain (Theobald, 45). The country has also attracted tourists from other countries in South East Asia as the Incheon International Airport was voted the best airport in the world. Other tourists use other entrance ports and airports to get in to the country (Phillips, 2006).

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