Sample Essay

Just as in other economic sectors tourism follows a product life cycle. The first stage is discovery. In this stage a small number of visitors go to an unspoiled destination, identify with the local language and the local culture. The results of this stage are positive to tourism.

The seco9nd stage is the launch, in this stage the number of visitors increase at an increasing rate and the community develops tourist facilities like hostels and restaurants. In the latter part of this stage the area becomes a tourist resort. The third stage is that of stagnation. In this stage saturation is reached, with this the services offered fall as well as the demand for the tourist facilities. Environmental degradation of the region becomes evident and the effects disastrous. At this stage the destination is said to have reached maturity. The fourth and last stage is that of decline. Profits fall and foreign owned businesses withdraw and the local community is left to clean up the mess. According to Plog’s model visitors can be classified in to five different classes there are the allocentrics at one extreme and on the other extreme are the psycocentrics. After a destination has been discovered by the allocentrics it is visited by the other classes before the psycocentrics visit it. By this time it has been extremely exploited and the destination is said to be falling.

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