Sample Essay

The thesis that the author presents in the book is truly an eye opener if taken at face value. It highlights how American culture has been able to dominate over religion. Even though it remains an integral part of society and the American nation still is very religious, it has failed to maintain that element of rigidity and doctrinal affiliation that dominated the traditional thinking related to church.

In this regard, it poses certain challenges to the churches that have to reorient themselves according to the altering trends and also have to pursue new strategies to keep the flock of the faithful coming to them and engaging in a pursuit of spirituality in this highly individualistic and hedonistic culture. It can be said that the author has a tendency of oversimplify the trend he is analyzing by treating all the different denominations and beliefs as virtually the same. Also, the reasons for the shift could be the result of diverse factors other than the dominance of American culture and individualism. However, it still serves as an important work in terms of identifying at least one dimension of the transformation, which if Wolfe’s research is to be trusted, has taken place in American religion as a whole.

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