Sample Essay

According to Hartweg (1995) the Self Care Deficit theory is closely linked to nursing since nursing encompasses action performed to groups or individuals with the goal of improving their well being and maintain the well being. Nursing is closely linked to this theory since when one becomes dependent on nurses, they, the nurses, must ensure that the state of health is either improved or maintained (p 32).

This theory of self care deficit is also directly linked to health. When one has a deficit, it means that one is not functionally or structurally well. This further means that nurses must come in to ensure the health of the patient is improved and maintained. This theory is also linked to environment, this is because the nurses must ensure that a patient is maintained in a conducive environment that which can enhance improvement. The theory is also linked to persons, the nurses must recognize that a person has the potential to use symbols, reflect and to symbolize and when one of these lacks, some one becomes dependent and the theory of Self Care Deficit sets in.

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