The company did exactly as the theory suggested but of course they did not pay much attention to their strategy since their strategy should have been aggressive consisting mostly to educate the customers and creating awareness in order to create a need in the market. The theory suggests that target market should be evaluated whereas they simply focused on people with diseases and their market could have included health or weight conscious people who are healthy and do not have any health problems.

The positioning strategy according to theory should have been successful but it was not since the problem was not positioning it was the product itself, advertising mediums used and lack of awareness in the market and also a poorly defined target market. The advertising mediums focused more on TV ads whereas they should have focused more on print ads and TV programs or events to educate their customers. Personal selling is usually successful but again the problem lay in the strategy not distribution whereas they could have hit their target market better if they would have supplied and sold through retailers. The text is right in its place because it depends on the nature of the product and this product required educating the market and aggressive market including print media but the company simply focused on other aspects that were not effective.

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