Sample Essay

The American Revolution was the war that earned the Americans independence fromGreat Britain. The American revolutionary war was waged between 1775 and 1783. After the successful completion of the French and Indian in 1763, the British colonialists imposed new taxes on the colonists.Britainhad imposed the taxes in an attempt to repay soldiers stationed in the colonies, since according to the British government the colonists were the beneficiaries of the presence of the soldiers.

In addition, the seven years war had greatly increasedBritain’s public debt and thus it was important, in view ofBritain, to levy taxes to offset its debts. In addition, the British government was also projecting that the post war period expenses would remain high. This was because the government was still planning to keep the soldiers in the colonies to prevent further attacks.

These included the sugar act, trade restrictions and the stamp act. The stamp act required that most printed materials within the colonies carry the tax stamp. Among these printed materials included magazines, newspapers, legal documents as well as a range of other printed materials. This did not auger well with the colonists as well as other British merchants in the colonies. The British response after the tax was repealed in 1766 exacerbated the problem. As a result, the growing tensions culminated into the American revolutionary war.

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