Sample Essay

Not only do the cars manufactured through this technology present a possible avenue for exploration into the future but this technology itself has also been sold on to other manufacturers such as Ford, which launched the new Explorer SUV Hybrid through it. This gives an indication thatToyota’s interest and investment in Hybrid research and development is paying good dividends and should be continued for the future.

Another opportunity for the company is in the urban youth market. This had traditionally been recognized as a very volatile and narrow segment where branding plays a key role and margins are low.Toyotahas ventured into this segment through the launch of the Toyota Aygo which is targeted towards such urban youth. This is an attempt to capture the DJ and dance culture in segments of the society through the use of a vehicle that is uniquely streetwise. The car itself is a convertible with an extendable rear which may appeal to the segment. This does however represent a significant opportunity for the company in terms of being able to explore a new segment where it could potentially capture a good market share and diversify its base.

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