Sample Essay

Knowledge is power and since technology is a cool knowledge that cannot be assumed, many firms must employ the digital technology that has evolved overtime in order to remain competitive in the market. The digital technology has proved to be the most efficient means of disseminating any news. The digital technology has also proved to be fun and entertaining. Most institutions must employ this opportunity in order to win their targets by making the information easily available.

Any firm willing to win a market niche must go online since it is through the digital communication where communication is fast and reaches the recipients efficiently. Gen Y shoppers are notoriously known for its impulse buying on”grocery aisles” (Yarrow $ O’Donnell, 2009, P.89) fast communication about new products in the market is an opportunity that cannot be assumed. Additionally, considering the fierce competition in the global market, any firm must employ technology to reach its target clients before the competitors. The marketers must develop ethical methods of marketing that will lure the Gen Y shoppers to purchase their products.

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