Sample Essay

Technology, which is a major driving force behind globalization, plays a critical role in guarantying the success of organizations. Taking into consideration that the world has become a global village, every firm, must employ the ever-changing technological advancement to thrive in its operations that face a variety of challenges. The organization theory is concerned about improving the productivity and efficiency within an organization, technology plays a paramount role in ensuring that the organization process, personal processes and the group processes achieve the organization goals. Technology brings about efficiency in a firms operation hence making a firm to remain competitive.

Most organizations are dependent of technology and in case technological applications were moved away from organizations, most organizations would collapse. Many firms employ use either simple or complex computers. Technology in organizations plays an important role making sure that the organization structure, individual processes and the organization process are clearly managed directed towards achieving the organization goals and objectives. Though technology brings about various positive changes in business, it also brings about challenges. These challenges ranges from problems brought about by the cyber crime while running e-commerce to financial problems since investing in technology is capital intensive yet most technologies get obsolete fast due the changes taking place in the digital world. However, irrespective of the challenges brought about by technology, technology is a positive change that has occurred in the business world (Holtsnider $ Jaffe 3-13).

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