Sample Essay

The applications of infra red technology are many. It can be used in allowing augmentative communication devices to send information such as in locking systems for cars and other input output devices for computers such as keyboards, mouse and printers. The technology can also be employed in the case of emergency response systems related to doors, windows and alarms. Systems to control the environment in buildings etc also employ infra red technology. Further applications include use in the case of headphones, remote controls for televisions, telephones and other instances of wireless communication.

A third technology for communication is the use of cable. This type of technology sends data usually one bit at a time unless a collection of multiple cables is brought into use. The cable utilized is a large fiber or a metal rope which is used for communication. A number of variants are utilized for this. Coaxial cables have an inner conductor surrounded by insulating layers and are brought into use as a transmission line for radio frequency signals (William). The more popular fiber optic cable consists of optical fibers that are plastic coated and deployed inside protective tubes. They usually come in many coatings designed for use in telephone poles, to be set in underground trenches and various other areas. The speed of communication usually varies with these different forms.

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