Sample Essay

The process of commercial accounting auditing demands a proper chain of command and dissemination of information through the exiting feedback strategies. The entire team process and design do not however facilitate good feedback. When KSS Associates become, in eighteen months ago, part of the merger that was formed, the feedback strategy to be used by the team members representing the different firms in the merger were not reviewed. The new shipping accounting team continued to use different accounting documentation procedures thus complicating the process of getting feedback from one another. Additionally, the arrangement dampened the creativity of the members.

Members in this team do not seem to be exercising any form of creativity at the team level. They tend to rely too much on one another thus making it hard for new performance methodologies to be formulated. This weakness has led to the constant complains arising from some of the team members (Cox, Shams, Erickson, and Hicks, 2002, pp. 1-8). It is clear from the manner in which the ream operates that members do not get feedback from the other team members in a timely manner. This also discourages innovativeness in the way in which the performance of the team could be improved both at the team and at the organizational levels.

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