Sample Essay

According to Nozick, taxation of income is similar to the forced labor or slavery mainly because workers pay taxes as per the rules imposed by the taxing body but not as they wish. In my view, paying of taxes involves taking some time of the day from the workers to work for the benefits of others and not under their consent; therefore this can be compared to forced labor because many workers are against taxes implying that they are imposed against their wish thereby violating the self-ownership rule.

However, in my opinion the comparison of the two is unfair mainly because taxes are paid to assist the government to provide social amenities and services such as medical services, hospitals, street lights among others. Therefore, it can be compared to pooling of resources together to provide necessary that would be difficult to provide and manage individually. On the other hand, forced labor involves the use of labor forcefully for free without any benefits to the workers. Therefore, when workers are taxed there are benefits expected while in forced labor the user of the labor is the only beneficiary.

In addition, I believe the taxation of workers income does not involve the violation of the human rights rather the system is concerned with the achievement of the development and growth of the economy as well as assisting the functioning of he government. However, forced labor involves exploitation of labor in most cases force is used where people are beaten to make them work more as well as there are no payments made to these workers. Therefore, it can be compared to slavery where the slaves had no rights and the slave owners possess all rights and power over the slaves.

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