Sample Essay

Target Corporation is an American retailing company. Commonly it is simply referred to as target. Over the years, the company has grown to be the second largest retailer in theUnited Statesbehind Wal-Mart as of 2009. By the same time, the company has stores in all the other states apart fromVermont. The target corporation was founded in 1902 as theDaytondry foods company inMinneapolis,Minnesota. It specializes in the retail industry and as of 2009; it was ranked at number 28 on the Fortune500 list.

The company is headed by a president who at times is also the chairperson of the board. Below the president are vice presidents and other executive officers. The company mainly operates in theUnited Statesalthough it has a major subsidiary inAustralia. It makes most of the money through the target stores and the target discount stores. It also operates other services like the target financial services. The board of directors has decided to give the company a global outreach. In doing so the board has asked for a financial analysis of the company in order to determine which the best way of investing globally is. The following is a financial analysis of the company that will help the board the best way to go about international investment.

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