Sample Essay

Second class citizenship is defined by Talcott Parsons refers to Black Americans in US who have been deprived their rights to be citizens in the society. The term has been used to refer to status of Negro in American community. Citizenship is hard to be achieved by many individuals and group of people.  Citizenship can be categorized into Civil which each individual is entitled to all rights as stipulated by law, political with right to exercise political power will and social having basic rights to live and association regardless of race, religion or culture.

            Kinship and ethnicity are not factors which determine solidarity in present day society but the ability to be in possession of citizenship status which has complex and universal rights and obligations. Neutralization is applied in contemporary society to treat community in relation to the interests, values and goals within the community. Economy has highly contributed to effective and efficient functions in the society today since the emergence of autonomous system of courts was subsequently as a result differentiated economic market. Organization nature in economy and lawful system started with introduction of the market laws with relations such as contract, property ownership and occupations.

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