Essay: Using of survey questionnaire in collecting primary data

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A survey questionnaire will be used in collecting primary data from the teachers, students, PTAs, and other parent organizations in the Las Cruces School District. The survey questionnaire will focus on generating answers to the primary question of the study which is to critically and comprehensively review the state of high school dropouts in the Las Cruces School District and the reason behind the drop-out.

Survey questions should be formulated in a manner that will not influence the response from the respondents. In this case, the questions should not be leading to the expected answer. Considering the high number of students in LCHS, only a representative sample will be used in data collection.

This is aimed at reducing the time wasted in the administration of questionnaires, as well as other resources that could be required. The researcher will use two survey questionnaires; one for the teachers and the other for the students.

To protect participants in this research, the questionnaire will not require the respondents to indicate their names. The results of the survey will be reported; however, the interview data may not lend itself to transferability, thereby placing the burden on the researcher.

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