Sample Essay

The success of the vanguard group can be attributed to its of low cost policies where they minimize on the transaction costs and advertising expenses that tend to burden the customers as well as shareholders. On the other hand, their extensive use of word of mouth combined with promoting their products publicly. In addition, vanguard is recognized by many for its provision of high quality goods at a low cost i.e. they provide funds at no commission fees. This is mainly because vanguard is non-profit making group that aims servicing its customers with respect and diligence.

However, vanguard has been relying on media to reach out on its customers without paying a single cent. These can be considered as exploitation of a higher order mainly because it is similar to advertising as they inform, educate and attract customers through media. They mainly rely on television interviews, magazine publications and any means possible to reach out their customers. Therefore, in a way this exploitative use of media to reach out on its customers without paying could have contributed to the success of the vanguard group. However, it would be unreasonable to attribute the success of the vanguard group to the exploitation rather success comes as a result of combination of a number of factors such as the vanguard group provision of high quality at a lower price, better customer service among others.

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