Sample Essay

In studying the consumer behavior, the firm managers should understand the desires of all consumers when it comes to the business and marketing field. All consumers want to feel a pleasured experience in the market place by personalizing the experience of shopping to fit in their unique desires. They also want to be seen as important participants in the in the whole process of consumption. That is what is seen as experiencing consumer normalcy. Tension should be expected if it happens that consumers do not derive the shopping values they expected to derive.

Consumers engage in the shopping exercise hoping to apply the personal characteristics they employ in self-definition processes. If it happens that the consumers are proved wrong in the personal characteristics they have employed such that they should have employed different personal characteristics in order to define theirselves, they feel not normal or unnatural. For instance, the consumers with poor eyesight see theirselves as being with visual impairments rather than been defined as people as one.  It follows that once they realize that other people are seeing them as been visually impairment and thus unable to make their own decisions, they feel inferior and hence unnatural and not normal feeling follows. This is not the feeling the consumers are searching in the market (Babson College, 2010).

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