Sample Essay

Every day, economic activities are changing and almost all employers are struggling to have in place products that can meet consumers’ needs (Bambra, 2007). Due to this, a lot is demanded from the workers so that they can participate fully to meet the challenges and demands of the time. As demand for certain products change with time so do the expertise of the workers change, for example, a company dealing with phones may discover that mobile phones without internet services are no longer in demand. The company will put in double efforts to ensure that they have enough stock ready for the market (Tennant, 2001). This increased changes occasion stress.

Work-related stress poses a great danger to health both physically and socially and psychologically. This is because a worker’s efforts involve energy and muscle, emotions and thinking. For example, if an individual strains in manual work like carrying a heavy load he or she may experiences body pains, the same case applies to that individual who spends a lot of time doing mental management leading to psychological imbalances. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that stress at work place only affects the health of the workers physically but also the effects extend to their soul. Stress at work place is indisputable and it has even been argued that stress is useful. It is seen as a way to motivate workers and drive them to been more productive.

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