Sample Essay

The Canadian ten provinces bear the responsibility for education, health and social welfare to the citizens rather than federal government. This is because the Canadian provinces have legal jurisdiction over child welfare; as a result, each province policies are independent towards the early intervention (EI). In this regard, the initiation of the Ontario’s Act for the Prevention of Cruelty to and Better Protection of Children in 1893 was the starting step for other provinces to follow the example and protect this precious state property.

However, it should be noted that the history of child welfare in Canada and elsewhere has often been recounted as a largely unsuccessful undertaking. This is evident by the fact that upper and middle white women intent on teaching the poor the values of “proper white society” and integrating them into the mainstream. Importantly, is the policy shift the British Columbia province went through which may be used in this study to shade light on the effectiveness of the structural interventions that started over decades ago. It is within this line of thought that this paper shall examine the effectiveness of the structural intervention in Canada, specifically British Columbia province.

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