Sample Essay

Project management ensures that only those projects are selected which are in line with the organizations’ long term strategic objectives. And then through a process of rigorous planning, execution, follow-up and analysis, project management ensures that these objectives are attained in a manner that best utilizes the organization’s resources and greatly improves the likelihood of success.If built into the organizations ‘way of doing business’ rather than used only as an infrequent tool, project management greatly increases an organization’s competitiveness in the market and makes its success sustainable.
Due to the contributions that project management makes to organizational success, more and more organizations, both large and small, corporations and sole-proprietorships are now buying into it as a means of achieving their strategic objectives. Project management applications were initially relegated to logistics, R & D and operations but are now being extended to activities within service functions such as sales and HR due to the fact that they ensure that tasks are completed and the objectives are attained.

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