Sample Essay

After some few days when Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester have fallen in love, lunatic, by the name of Bertha who was the wife of Rochester some years before lights a fire which almost burns Rochester but due to the mad love Jane Eyre has towards him, he saves him.  One night, some few days before their wedding, Bertha sneaks into the room of Jane and due to her madness, she tears off the wedding veil of Jane.

As a result of the love Jane Eyre and Rochester have towards each other, they go o to wed only to be stopped by Mason, Bertha’s brother who declares that Rochester has a wife who is alive. The people who has attended the wedding start to blame Jane for her actions but are proved wrong by Rochester who after he meets with her so called wife, her actions are clear to everybody that she is mad. She grabs him by his neck while her teeth are on his neck which forces Mr. Rochester say, “That is my wife, ————— Such is the sole conjugal embrace I am ever to know — such are the endearments which are to solace my leisure hours! And this is what I wished to have” (Brontë, 1864, p. 311)

Before the fire starts, the voice of laughter that Jane Eyre hears from in the halls can be associated with emotions and fears which show traces of madness in Jane.

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