Sample Essay

It began at around the 650 pence mark with a slight upward movement around the start of June in 2007, reaching a high of 725 in July before the stock began a gradual plunge. The stock price fell to comparatively a very low level around the mid of August, even going below the 550 mark before it got steadier. It remained steady at around that point up till May of 2008, after which it saw a sudden and extreme rise, going up nearly 14 percent and reaching a high of above 700 before getting steadier.

The stock fell again however following the mid of September reaching its lowest point in more than 3 years in mid October with a stock price below 450 pence. There was some recovery after that but the stock didn’t return to the extraordinary levels it enjoyed in mid 2008, keeping to around the 550 mark (Cadbury Share News 2009).

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