Sample Essay

With the current laws on child labor it is good to note that theIndia’s law on child labor has been evolving with time and are in line with International Labor conference of 1979.

In 1993 a regulation for children’s working condition was introduces first in may and later in October barring use of child labor in occupational premises but this did not deter them from being employed in homes and other domestic places that are difficult to regulate. Further policies to protect Indian children need to be introduced to offer them more protection. The governments need to introduce measures to empower the poor classes of the Indian people and hence eliminate the issue of children being offered employment on basis of poverty. Parents should also be duly informed and educated as to the need to give their children to grow.  Indian population increase rate is among the highest in the world. The government should therefore look for ways and means of introducing birth control projects with better funding so as to reach the poor majority. The International Labor Organization should pressurize the Indian government and the countries labor organization to carry out more research into the domestic child labor and advise the government on how to rescue those children majority of whom are girls. Tough measure should be taken on those also involved in the domestic child labor.

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