Sample Essay

As compared to other disciplines of engineering, software engineering is a relatively new field. The term was first coined in a NATO conference in 1968. Software engineering is viewed as the systematic application of quantifiable and disciplined operation maintenance and development of software as well as the study of the approaches used in this discipline.The discipline is constantly evolving. It relies greatly on the works of computer scientists. Because of this, the process of software development varies a lot. To resolve this issue, and or provide a solution Shari Pfleeger and Joanne Atlee the authors of “software engineering: theory and practice” have identified the following stages of the development of software engineering listed below.

  • Planning and managing the project

After the provision of problems, and or new changes of programs by computer scientist, software engineers must sit down and plan as well as manage how the project will be carried out. This is usually the first step of any software engineering project.

  • Capturing the requirements

After this initial step the engineers then go ahead and create a platform where they capture the specific requirements of the project in detail.

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