Sample Essay

Designing the system

After this second step the engineers then go ahead and design the possible structure of the software. This is done bearing in mind the possible hardware requirements necessary as well as the possible internal requirements of the software itself.Writing the programs

The next important step is writing of the programs. This step is important since it is the step that distinguishes between technical and business quality.

Testing the programs

After the programs have been written the next step is testing. Testing involves several processes. Among these include testing for compatibility with available hard wares as well as other supporting softwares. The step also involves testing the program operation, speed, as well as efficiency and effectiveness.


Testing the system

After the programs have been successfully tested, the entire system is then tested as a whole. This is important since it avoids the possibility of recalling the entire system from customers a process that many companies view as dramatically increasing their operational costs while at the same time reducing the profits.

Delivering the system

After this has been done the system is then delivered to prospective customers. This is the last stage that is directly concerned with the initial engineers

Maintaining the system

The last step is maintenance. This is not a direct act of the software engineers. This task can be done by authorized personnel from different locations of the globe.

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