Walgreens has been increasing in size ever since the first store was opened in 1901. The company has grown to have a stream of stores all over the region and this is one of the major reasons as to why it has grown to become one of the leading drug stores. The company first began in Chicago. This was in the year 1901. A pharmacist by the name Charles R. Walgreen had collected enough money and decided to start his own business. He purchased a drugstore where he had once worked. This marked the beginning of the birth of the Walgreen chain of stores.

A second store opened in 1909. Seven years after this, a total of nine more stores had been opened. These series of stores were incorporated to form the Walgreens Corporation. In the year 1927, Walgreens Corporation went public. It became a public corporation. Its growth continued and by 1953, it was the top self-service retailer store in the country (Walgreens Corporation, 2006).

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