Sample Essay

It is surprising to note that despite the differences the two TV shows have some similarities. Among the main similarities is that the plot of the two shows follows the lives of middle aged women who are yearning for love. In both shows all the main characters share a friendship as well as their romantic experiences. In addition they both use symbols to represent certain hidden meanings as well as trying to show us the importance of family although some of the characters in both shows are not very good in this. The involvement of mainly female characters in the two shows makes their ratings higher with women rather than with men.

            The show portrays signs of exceedingly repetition and generally falls on similar plot devices time and again. Sex and the city is one of the best shows that teach women how to be strong in life. However, it is quite contradicting that the women characters that refer themselves as tough and liberate have to look for men to complete their lives. It follows then that show does not portray women who are sexually liberated. The repetitive scenes portray questions and answers concerning relationship as well as life. The moral of the story revolves around the women ability to snare, track and keep men.

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