Sample Essay

Socialization is one of the natural mechanisms to learn and inherit cultural behaviors and norms, ideologies and various customs in the society. Sociology makes an individual to accommodate the society skills and habits that are acceptable in a given society and to pass the knowledge to the coming generations.

Sociology encompasses the social and cultural life in a community. Sociology prepares the individuals good and bad behaviors and the role that one should play right from being a small child to a grown-up. This creates the necessary code of ethics in a society that makes one to know the norms, behaviors, beliefs and values that are required. Sociology enables the parents to train their children on the patterns of emotional approach, awareness, the responsibility and knowledge of day to day life. The knowledge includes the rightful skills that are not learned at school. This includes being self reliant on some minor work like how to feed themselves or on how to use toilets or latrines.

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