Sample Essay

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story written early in the career of playwright William Shakespeare. The play is believed to have been written between 1591 and 1595.  It is the story of two young lovers whose ultimate death unites their feuding families. The play is set inVerona,Italyand it is believed to be an adaptation of former stories by different authors. The main tale of the play is “the tragic history of Romeos and Juliet”. This was written by Arthur Brooke in 1562.

In writing, this play Shakespeare borrowed a lot from both Brooke and William painter although he ended up changing certain parts of the play to make it more interesting. The play is one of his most performed plays and as a result, its importance to modern literature has been very influential. Additionally the use of metaphors and the dramatic feature of switching between comedy and tragedy have also helped to preserve the quality of the play up to now. In this play, Shakespeare tries to show us the meaning and importance of love. In addition, he shows us the effects of decisions and or actions taken in haste because of love.

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