Sample Essay

The women in the American history hence possess a unique form of femininity where the single women prefers to gain values of the educated, white and middle-class men in the social structure (sex and the city), while the issues of family progression and protection of family secrets carry the day (desperate house wives).

Any single woman n the American history is seen to possess different interpretations related to the movement based on third-wave feminist. Some women characters in the show depict single women as individuals who are not in a position to think independently. “Sex and the City indicate that femininity lacks clear definition, as portrayed by the four women. It is based on individual’s opinion of the manner in which femininity ought to behave and act in today’s society” (Makola 1).  On the other hand desperate house wives indicate that women can and usually are very cunning when it comes to their private lives and family matters and independently think and act in almost all spheres of their lives.

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