Sample Essay

All the living things have a scientific arrangement whereby the living organisms can reflect how the structures and the functions complement to the nature. The anatomical and physiological nature of both fauna and flora illustrate how they are able to function. This includes the arrangement of cells, tissues and organs that constitute the whole body systems.

Genetically, all the living organisms are able to enhance survival of the species due to crossing over of genes. This happens in meiosis where two stages of cell division is recognized after Intephase i.e. prophase 1and 2, metaphase1and 2, anaphase1and 2 and telophase1and 2.In meiosis, the daughter cells are not in a position to divide more until the gametes unite. mitosis differ with meiosis because in meiosis, there are two phases of cell division each step comprising of four stages of nuclear division that give rise to a haploid no of chromosomes whereas in mitosis only single phase of cell division occurs and gives rise to daughter cells with the same genetic material (diploid).The diploid cell is able to continue dividing itself hence causing the growth of a living organism.

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