Sample Essay

The sampling methodology that is used for the primary research conducted using the survey based questionnaire is that of non probability sampling procedure. In this scenario, the respondents who were available and willing to provide feedback and insight were included as the target respondents of the survey. The objective of the research is to get information about the local retail market and industry and inNigeriaand the sampling methodology facilitates this by providing feedback from the management of the UTC PlcNigeriaabout the local Nigerian market.

These respondents had insight and have access to information on the characteristics and the trends in the local Nigerian retail industry. Moreover they were east to approach for the survey as well. As result they were targeted using the non-probability based sampling that allows anyone who has reliable and valid information to share to respond to the survey. The validity and the reliability of the data gathered through the questionnaire based survey was ensured through the use of the triangulation technique whereby multiple questions were targeted at the respondents to determine the integrity of the answers.

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