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This refers to naturally occurring silicate material found in most of office equipments, building and paints. These materials can be separated in fibres which are long, thin, and flexible. They are durable and resistant to heat and fire.

They have been used in consumer, industrial, maritime, automotive, scientific and building products. This includes uses in commercial and industrial buildings, schools and hospitals. In working and working areas asbestos can be found in areas where there are paints and textured coatings, insulation boards used as a fire protection on doors, around structural steel wall boards and ceiling tiles, asbestos sheets used in partitioning, thermal and acoustic insulation.

These fibres can pass into lungs and stay for many years and lead to development of lung diseases such as asbesois which brings difficulty in breathing or mesothelioma which is a type of cancer. As a result asbestos have been classified as one of the major causes of occupational ill health which leads to many deaths annually. These are highly likely to affect those people working in maintenance of buildings.

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