Sample Essay

The  side constraints against torture emphasizes that an individual rights are absolute and inviolable, therefore I believe  no individual ought to be tortured even where torturing them would yield benefits to the majority rather people’s rights need to be observed and respected always.  Therefore, in my opinion the side constraint against torture proposes that no individual should be tortured under any circumstances but the people’s rights should be enforced to avoid such cases of torture. In addition, it holds that there is no need to torture an individual so that other people can benefit.

In my view, goal may support the torturing of the terrorist suspects in order for them to give out the necessarily information that may assist to stop further terrorist activities in the world without considering that torturing these individuals violates their rights. On the other hand, side constraints supports entirely the observation of the people’s rights without considering the benefits that would arise from torturing the terrorist suspects rather it emphasizes that individuals rights are absolute and inviolable. Therefore, instead of side constraints supporting torture to obtain information, it would propose for diplomatic and humanitarian means of extracting this information.

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