Sample Essay

Socrates’ philosophy was unique in nature in the sense that it revolved around human life and how it should be spent in good and search of truth regarding nature and the true reason to be in this world and it influenced the rationality of the people of Athens specially making the young ones question the way of things and for this Socrates was also accused of misleading the youth of Athens.In my opinion, I agree with Socrates that philosophy is the best alarm clock because philosophy is about the soul and seeking of truth and not giving in to the desires and demands of an ordinary man. It takes the thinking and ideas of man to the next level by not mere facts and force but by reason and a conscience call to their inner self to get up from their slumber and revive their self-dignity as a human being and challenge the present customs and traditions and break the shackles of obedience whether material or master in order to be free spirited and wise.

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