Essay: Results of the war in Iraq

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A majority of Americans believe that the war in Iraq has substantially decreased terrorism activities as well as spread democracy in the Middle East region. According to a survey by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in 2006, there is no decline in U.S. support for actively engaging in global affairs. The U.S. has been influential in solving global problems through its foreign policy.  This justifies why, since, World War II, nearly two-thirds of the American public support the nation’s quest to actively participate in solving world problems.  Maintenance of military might is a key goal in fulfilling U.S. policy.

In conclusion, economic superiority in the global market, and political structures realigned states during World War I & II into Axis powers and Allied powers.

Although the reasons for ending World War I are not clear, the signing of the Versailles treaty to contain Germany’s economic expansions only set the stage for further catastrophes. For instance, the quest for Germany to break imperial boundaries led to U-boat technology as a counter to British trade.

Secondly, the ascendance of Hitler to power, led to dictatorial regimes precipitating the immense loss of human lives (Holocaust) and abuse of civil liberties such as human experiments, slavery, and imprisonment.

Lastly, provoking the U.S. into war was a blessing since it strengthened the Allied forces bringing to an end decades of war and threat to international trade.

[1]               World Public Opinion.Org.  2010.  Americans Continue to Support International Engagement Despite Frustration over the War in Iraq

[2]               Ibid

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