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The first lab findings include the patient acidosis level of his blood. Lab PH of 7.23 is lower than a normal range of (7.35-7.45). Then carbon dioxide and partial pressure is above the normal range of 35-45mmHg, therefore PaCO2 of 60mmHg shows there is respiratory problem with the patient (bronchitis COPD). This shows that there is a respiratory acidosis which is caused by under-ventilation as opposed to respiratory alkalosis. Meanwhile PaCO2 levels may fail to normalize when the respiratory system tries to reimburse for a metabolite system as the system tries to balance the blood phi Since this patient has been suffering from bronchitis, then higher PaCO2 level is accepted because of allowed hypercapnia (Kasseri and Madias 2001).

The patient’s blood reflected PaO2 of 50mmHg the normal range is between 80-100mmHg.Therefore, the PaO2 of 50mmHg is slightly lower than normal. This support the point that the patient is not respiring as required hence he is hypoxemic. In this case the patient must be compensated with oxygen because PaO2 is lower than 60mmHg and this support the fact that he has respiratory problem that is associated with chronic bronchitis (Wael 2009).

HCo3of 30mEq indicates that the patient has higher levels of metabolic alkalosis since the normal range should vary from22-26mmol.HCO3 high levels reflects that may be the kidney is doing an extra work to compensate the respiratory system failure to normalize the blood PH level.

The haemocratic level of 52% indicates that the patient oxyhemoglobin saturation is not sufficiently enough to support proper respiration and enough transport or oxygen gas.

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