Sample Essay

To increase resources and its capabilities the central market store has opened a cooking school within the premises. This is in line in increasing the human resource skills of not only the employees but also its many loyal customers. In addition the store has sought to improve customer satisfaction by improving customer service. A good way that the store has achieved this is through the introduction of serpentine sections instead of the traditional straight aisles found in other retail stores and supermarkets in theUnited States.

The central market store deals mainly with perishable products. Due to the stores policy of offering fresh produce waste is a risk factor to the stores operations. As a result a truck load of products not meeting the stores freshness standards is driven out of the store every day.

In addition to this, loss of money through no sales is also a risk factor the amount of money lost through failure to sell acts as a drawback to the growth of the store. Competition is also another risk factor. Although currently there don’t seem to be huge competition this does not mean that the status quo will remain in the long run.

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