Sample Essay

One of the most important reasons why the mind-body union is subjected to inquiry is the quest to resolve the Cartesian mystery, which is constituted by the interaction of the mind and the body.

This  is because  achieving  a clarity of understanding of the   mind-body union implies  obtaining   a  definite and useful    strategy of   approaching   one of the   major challenges  of  Cartesian  dualism, which is   understanding how   substances which  are    separate and distinct from each other, such as the mind and the body, can  sensibly interact.  Therefore, since our primary focus  is on the epistemological  aspect of this   relationship,   we have to focus  on inquiring  into  if  it is really  possible  to garner   any useful  understanding of the  mind-body union and consequentially how can  we obtain knowledge regarding the mind-body interaction, in view  of the extent  to which   Descartes helps us in   this undertaking.

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