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Several researches has been conducted and a lot has been learnt on how the changes produced in the adjusted physiology of muscle to this irregular weightless environment, the study by the 30 astronauts who used up 2.5 years on Mars, analysed how microgravity affects human muscle. Moore explained that these astronauts had right of entry to a running treadmill, cycle ergometer and struggle exercise device.

The procedure always varied and depended on the participants with aerobic exercise completed about 5 h/week at a reasonable intensity and resistance exercise 3–6 days/week concerning numerous lower leg exercises[1]. While in space performing this exercise within the 2.5 years period, the volume of the calf muscle reduced by 13% with the majority of the degenerate of about (–15%) happening in the soleus as judged to the gastrocnemius (–10%). In the same vein, Moore explained that the peak power was observed to have dropped by 32% after spaceflight, throughout the velocity spectrum, force-velocity features were lessened by about 20 to 29%.

[1] Alan D. Moore. Evaluation of Maximal Oxygen Uptake and Sub maximal Estimates of VO2max Before, During, and After Long Duration International Space Station Missions (VO2max). (2010). (Accessed July 30, 2010).

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