Sample Essay

Religion news refers to any story where religion, faith, spirituality and the religious moral principles play a major and significant function. They vary from the investigative stories; analysis, profiles as well as crime, sports, science, fashion etc reported either locally, nationally or even internationally. In addition, religion is also written in opinion columns, blogs, editorials and even commentaries that do not form part of the news.

Religion is interesting and essential in many peoples life where many are strongly influenced by its teachings and beliefs. Therefore, many believers will be more interested on religious stories than others, reports from journalism best beat show that more of the information on religion is being searched online as well as read on the media reports than any other subjects. In addition, the research shows that journalists that have written articles or journals on the religion have gotten so much response or feedback more than the other subjects. In addition, the research by readership institute recommends that the media houses should not focus on religion papers to make money as the papers are not read by many. However, this was attributed to how the questions on religion are handled and answered. Therefore, media journalists need to be well informed and ought to research enough on the various religions before committing themselves to writing reports or journals would make them loose market as the readers would find them misleading as per their beliefs and practices.

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