Sample Essay

With increased use of chemicals in agriculture the still waters as well as runoff water is filled with toxins.  These include; DDT, Chlorofluorocarbons, various heavy toxic metals, Herbicides, Pesticides and Dioxin. Toxins have adverse effect on health and affect the people who come into contact with them. The city authorities therefore legislated on the release of toxins that result from agricultural practices and also from industrial activities. People have been encouraged to reduce the intake of toxins by observing healthier diets and using of organic products as opposed to processed foods.


            As a result of increased population, litter has become more prevalent. As a result many incidents have afflicted students in the process of litter disposal. The California environmental quality act embarked on a plan to establish a statewide protocol. This would mandate the actions that every state as well as local agencies should undertake in order to advance the environmental policy. according to this protocol, all projects under the states’ jurisdiction that have potential and significant environmental impacts, then the responsible authorities would have to  identify mitigation or correction measures as well as possible alternatives. This would be done by the preparation of Environmental Impact Report. After a thorough analysis of this report, the state would thus approve those projects with no feasible mitigation measures or those that have no environmentally better alternatives in comparison to those offered by the initiators of the project (Jackson, 1985).

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