Sample Essay

The major causes of that trend, “a tendency toward allowing kids make a decision for themselves when they are prepared to master this chore” has been caused by re-socialization. This has been accelerated by the world changes and modernization. Most traditions are discarded and new trends are being adopted. This is because the society has become very busy competing with the current technology due to high growth rate and development associated with transition. When bringing up honest kids calls for a combination of responsibilities.

According to the Journal of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic minority Psychology, Bogard argues that the augmented number of separated couples and work occupation has increased the trend of poorly brought up kids. This is because the two societal tendencies have great impact on the children. Traditional marriages were monitored by strong cultural rules and regulations but nowadays we see delicate marriages that are not competent on training the children on moral obligations. From the research, economic pressures force the parents to neglect their children and look for more time to make a living. This makes the parents to leave all their work to day-care givers. Of course, the day-care givers are not in a position to cater for all the children left and provide the necessary skills as it pertains to social life and primary skills. Some behaviors have to be inflicted to the children by the parents and not a third party.

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